Technological innovation, environmentally-friendly solutions, relibility to increase our customers productivity

Hydro Tech Ltd supports always farms, studies and develops the best technological solutions to satisfy the water requirements of any agricultural cultivation, nurseries, landscape, green areas, parks and pool plumbing.

In addition to the design of state-of-the-art irrigation plants and the supply of equipements and technologies for professional  irrigation, our main goals are the following

  • To increase the productivity by enhancing the irrigation plants of our customers/farms
  • To spread into the territory a modern environmentally-friendly agriculture
  • To be a unique farm partner, recognised as reliable on both technical and agronomical aspects
  • To be specialized into innovation and research in what concerns irrigation technologies
  • Enhance tailor-made solutions for specific productions needs

Hydro Tech Ltd supports the agricultural holdings to realize the most challenging goals, by a steady technical and agronomic advise enabling farms to reach an economical and qualitative enhancement in productivity.