Irrigation design

Planning, preliminary studies and feasibility for custom-tailored irrigation plants

The main target of Hydro Tech Ltd is to study and develop ad hoc irrigation plants for all kind of crops, suitable to all climate, soil and crop types, in order to obtain cost-effective agricultural plantation with maximum results in terms of quality and quantity saving at the same time water and energy.

Same needs can have different solutions, thus their achievement depending on the union between expertise and technological innovation.

The choise of the most suitable product and solution delivers from our knowledge, our skills and our expertise, gained in years of working side-by-side of farmers; it also derives from our deep agronomical knowledge and continuos further training of our staff on new technologies. We gained thirty years of experience in the implementation and marketing of irrigation systems for agriculture in southern Italy and more.

We use innovative software for a complete and cost-effective planning of professional irrigation systems

Thanks to our experience, we evaluate each project from all perspectives, by analysing soil and territory through satellite reliefs and land surveys, we choose the products depending on the chimical-physical properties of soil and water, we suggets the best control management and fertigation solutions through advanced technologies, reducing costs and increasing together cultivation yields.

Development feasibility of the irrigation system:

  • Land survey to evaluate the cultivation site;
  • Identification of the area on a topographic map;
  • Measure the land slopes;
  • Pinpoint the water supply, considering distances and flow of the water reserves necessary to crops;
  • Soil sampling to analyse and evaluate drainage;
  • Type of crop to be planted.

Irrigation design and quantity estimate for adequate sizing:

  • Choise of the adequate irrigation system typolgy: such as subsurface irrigation, low flow irrigation, drip irrigation, substrate irrigation, buried lines irrigation;
  • Executive design in CAD;
  • Sizing of the main and secondary pipes, of the water raising, pumping and of all necessary accessories useful to save water and energy resources;
  • Quantity estimate and evaluation of equipements and labor costs to implement the whole irrigation system;

Estimate, supply, implementation and final testing:

  • We use the best equipements at competitive prices, thanks to our partnership with the most relybale irrigation companies worldwide;

  • Constant supervision of a highly qualified staff during the implementation and testing of the irrigation systems, thus guaranteeing real functioning;

Training and support of farm workers:

We help our customers (farmers, nursery workers and gardners) finding the most suitable irrigation or microirrigation technology for their crops, also we train them on how to use properly the irrigation and fertigation systems.

Relying on the Hydro Tech Ltd professionality means counting on the best technologies and on the biggest expertise.

Hydro Tech Ltd helps farmers also to renovate existing irrigation systems, by keeping existing equipements and integrating them with new technologies to enhance the system itself.