Drip irrigation on trellis vineyard in Burgio Coste Fredde - Noto - Siracuse Disctrict - Sicily

Design, planning and supply of a comprehensive custom-designed vineyard irrigation solution for a Sicilian wine firm.

The wine firm Terre di Noto is specialized in producing and wine-making of different grape qualities, among them: nero d'avola, muscat, chardonnay, syrah, merlot, cabernet, petit verdot. Based in the south-east of Sicilty, the company is placed at 20-40 meters above sea level, with an extention area of 34 hectares, with planting density of 5.000 vines per hectare. Soil is white coloured, calcareous and medium textured. 

The company needed to implement a modern and efficient irrigation system, for an adequate managemnt of deficit irrigation and nutrients delivery by the means of the irrigation system itself.

The Hydro Tech ltd team therefore 

  • Developped a feasability study with satellite and topographical land surveys;
  • Designed a drip irrigation system considering key factors as soil and crop quality;
  • Devided the area in zones, in order to optimize irrigation turns based on available water flow rate;
  • Realized a zone column made by safety screen filter, pressure regulator, and PVC manual ball valve, to provide long term operation of dripperlines;
  • Designed and implemented a central fertigation system.