NMC-CLIMA control software

Greenhouse climate control system


Climate controller for medium to large greenhouses and nurseries. Suitable for several applications: tunnels, small greenhouses, medium-large greenhouses with several climate zones, for both plastic or glass greenhouses.

The controller has a specially designed software for automatic management of several control modules such as for misting, heating, cooling, vent fan & pad, lights, CO2, air circulation, roof/side windows, screens, crop protection.

Software operation features:

  • Heating: On/Off heating control, hot water control, up to 5 heaters.
  • Misting: up to 8 valves for zone, starting method according temperature/humidity/VPD, self adjustment, optional time operation.
  • Crop protection 

  • Fan & Pad: up to 8 Fan groups, starts according temperature, humidity or time; Pad pump with timed start; temperature/humidity decreasing-increasing; vent control; storm mode.
  • CO2: active or passive dosing method, radiation sum and wind speed, CO2 transport.
  • Air circulation fans control: according external conditions, time, external conditions+time; program running according temperature, humidity, temperature balance, humidity balance; optional running during heating/misting process.
  • Lights: cyclic or fix operation; programs according time or radiation sum; assimilation light; up to 4 light programs for zone.
  • Technical data sheet
    • NMC CLIMA available models Junior / 64 / PRO
    • Power supply AC 220 V - 50 Hz
    • Digital inputs maximum voltage 5 V -maximum frequency 50 imp/sec.
    • Sensor inputs temperature / humidity / wind direction / radiation sum / CO2