Hydraulic fertilizer injectors

Fertic, amiad


Find out a wide range of dosing pumps and equipment powered by hydraulic pressure. Hydraulic injectors are the most cost-effective method of introducing chemicals into irrigation systems, popular because they don't require a power source. 

AMIAD HYDRAULIC FERTILIZER INJECTOR: its linear hydraulic piston motor is powered by the hydraulic pressure in the irrigation system, and does not require any other energy source for injecting fertilizer into the pressurized irrigation line.

Main features:

  • Injection flow rate: up to 340 l/h.
  • Working pressure range: 1 to 9 bars.
  • Water consumption: three times the quantity of the chemical injected.
  • Injection flow rate at each cycle: 0,033 liters.
  • Pump construction: stainless steel and plastic.
  • The Amiad pump is resistant to all chemicals used in agriculture and horticulture, except bromine substances.

​HYDRAULIC PISTON DOSING PUMP FERTIC: hydraulic dosing pump for the injection of liquid or water-soluble fertilizers into irrigation water. Fully compact with no external parts other than the connection hoses. No water pressure loss in the irrigation pipes. Can be operated manually or automatically  by an on/off valve.

Main features:

  • Injection flow rate: minimum 50 l/h, maximum 500 l/h.
  • Working pressure range: 1 to 12 bars.
  • Water consumption: twice the chemical injected.
  • The hydraulic pump injects 0,2 liters at each cycle.
  • Pump material in contact with the liquid to be injected: propylene and viton.
  • Resistant to chemicals used in agriculture.