Single cable system

Agdi decoder interface


Simple and innovative device, able to transform or integrate a traditional irrigation system into a single cable system, based on decoding technology, mantaining concurrently the existing equipments.

The decoder interface for agriculture is able to transform any 24 stations controller into a professional single cable system. It can also be used when an existing irrigation system need to be increased (with pilot cables and common cable), simply wiring the existing stations to the AG DEC-01 with the single cable. A single cable of reduced dimensions can connect all electric valves to the controller.

Operation: as the controller commands an action (for example open/close an irrigation zone) the AGDI interface reads the input, elaborates it and send information received to the correspondant decoder on field, which will open or close tha latching solenoid connected to tha valve.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy installation, up to 24 stations;
  • Possibility to control valves at a distance of 3 km with only a single cable;
  • Suitable for further expansion of existing automatic irrigation systems, by adding new zones to the closest electric valve;
  • Possibility to add a volume water meter and / or a master valve even at long distance form controller (up to 3 km);
  • Saving in installation costs, with -80% reduced need for cables;
  • It helps repairing a traditional system, with common cable and pilot, by converting the two wires in a single cable connection to the closest valve;
  • It is an affordable and cost effective alternative to traditional radio systems;
  • Cost reduction: shorter installation, 80% less of cables, design flexibility, reduced maintenance.

The product range constituting the AGDI system are:

  • AGDI decoder interface - 24 stations.
  • 1 station programmable decoder.
  • Overvoltage protector.
  • Cable reel.
  • Technical data sheet
    • 24 inputs for pilot cables
    • 1 input for master valve / pump control
    • 1 input for common cable
    • 1 input for sensor / volume water meter
    • 1 output for single cable