Automatic irrigation and fertigation system in greenhouse, Scicli, Ragusa area, Italy

Design and implementation of a comprehensive solution: irrigation, fertigation and humidification system for a flower growing farm.

The flower growing farm Florguarino, based in the south-east of Sicily, has a production surface of 8.000 m².  In order to enhance the farm's production we implemented a comprehensive solution for a total control on irrigation, fertigation and climate conditions for its greenhouses. 

The farm grows and produces intensively and on scale poinsettia, geranium, carnations, roses and more.

The farm uses two irrigation technologies and has also a control room to enhance remote and automatic management of irrigation and fertigation processes:

  1. Pots are irrigated and fertigated by water matting;
  2. Each pot has also localized irrigation and fertigation with spider assemblies;
  3. Finally a sprinkling irrigation system irrigates pots from above, with dynamic micro-sprinklers with drop stop valve.

The customer asked our company to enhance the system, asking our team to find a comprehensive solution for its needs; our professionals made a first feasabilty study, designing then a control room and providing a commercial offer of all necessary equipments. We supplied all products, followed up the installation and tested the automatic irrigation and fertigation system.

We made a prior evaluation of all key-factors in order to optimize the customer needs, choosing the best tailor made solution. We focused particularly on:

  • Streamline the remote control of the automatic irrigation system;
  • Provide accurate and precise monitoring of phisical-chimical parameters of water;
  • Rationalize nutrients delivery based on crop agronomic needs, with the possibility to manage different recipes and tailored dosages for each sector or crop variety in the greenhouse;
  • Several irrigation methods and technologies in the same greenhouse, in order to get the best from each practice;
  • Production increasing in the same time, quantity enhancement and quality improvement of the produced plants;
  • Drastic reducing of water and power consumption;

We made an accurate selection of the best products on market in order to reach our goals, considering investment cost control, finding the most suitable solution in terms of equipments performances and durabilty, offering full satisfaction to our customer needs and demands.

Here below is a short list of all steps of this system implementation:

  1. Water need calculation and choise of the water main line, which was realized with high density polyetylene pipes and electrofusion fittings for the highest reliabity;
  2. Water storage with a plug and play steel tank, to deliver secure and constant water flow rate to the irrigation system;
  3. Greenhouse partition in sectors and irrigation-fertigation system implementation starting form the irrigation control room. We chose one of the best and advanced fertigation units on market, with multi-channel injection for fast and accurate nutrients injection and standard pH and conductivity monitoring and adjustment.
  4. Our team followed step by step the building of the control room, the implementation of the irrigation system, giving advise on all issues. All valves, pipes, driplines, accessories and control valves had been dimensioned by our technical team and provided by our commercial division.