NMC - software

Irrigation controller for dosing units


Scalable irrigation controllers for soil-less and insoil application, both in greenhouses or open field. Unmatched ease of use, modular hardware plug and play, flexible irrigation programming: make this controller perfectly suitable for high-demanding application and systems.

Software specifications:

  • Up to 15 irrigation programs;
  • Up to 6 master valves;
  • Up to 6 water meters;
  • Pump control (max 6) both single or pumping stations;
  • Irrigation according to time, volume, external conditions, radiation sum, VPD;
  • Number of valces per irrigation program: up to 40, sequentially or grouped;
  • Flow rate check;
  • Up to 8 dosing channels;
  • Up to 10 presetted dosing programs;
  • Dosing method: per time / volume / proportional;
  • Dual EC/pH measurement - verifying sensor readings to increase reliability;
  • Agitators' activation;
  • EC pre-control - Fresh & drain water pre mixing;
  • Drain measurement - up to 8 drain meters;
  • Filter flushing - up to 24 filters with main filter valve;
  • Humidity program (misting);
  • Cooling program;
  • Alarm output;
  • Input/output test;
  • System memory back up configuration;
  • PC communication by means of software;
  • Alarms management through SMS.