Irrigation systems for greenhouses

Design and implementation of subsurface, drip irrigation systems and fertigation for all kind of protected cultivations.

Hydro Tech Ltd offers its customers highly professional services for irrigation systems design, thanks also to its agronomical expertise and the most recent irrigation technologies for greenhouses, in soil and soilless farming. The aim of our business is to optimise the use of water resources, to reduce the use of fertilizers, to save power consumption, to overthrow production costs and to respect nature more by boosting new irrigation techniques and products.

The company puts forward its modern and smart microirrigation and fertigation systems for horticulture production, flower-growing and nurseries. Fertigation consists in delivering nutrients to plants by dissolving them in water.

Our staff gives technical consultancy and assistance, on the implementation of the dosing systems with their software, on dosing instructions, on solution dosing way and time.

Hydro Tech Ltd offers turn-key solutions for drip irrigation systems. 

Feasibility study, executive design, equipement supply, laying, workers training, testing and after-sale support.

All farms choosing Hydro Tech Ltd as a partner will benefit from its professionality and its unique referring person, giving advice for all irrigation needs and problems.

Some advantages and benefits of micro irrigation and fertigation:

  • Only plant root wetting, uniform delivery of nutrients in water based on the knowledge of culture typolgy and growing needs;
  • Surface evaporation and water leackage reducing with more control on soil saturation level;
  • Easier tillage works since surfaces are dryer;
  • Contemporary irrigation of big areas with no need of huge quantities of water and high pressure, consequently saving time and electricity;
  • Prevention of surface runoff, thus avoiding asphyxiation of roots;
  • Prevention of leaves' disease since they are not wetted, and minor use of agrochemicals, insecticides and fungicides;
  • Balance of water, nutrients, and air in soil, allowing plants to absorb the right quantity of water and fertilizers with the minor effort possible; 
  • Contemporary delivery of water and nutrients directly to roots, through an integrated fertigation system, for the best growth of plants.

The company is at your complete disposal for customized estimates or further information, products and tailor-made services.