After sale consultancy and assistance

Plans of ordinary maintenance to maximize the efficiency of your irrigation systems

The Hydro Tech Ltd company offers a complete support in design, implementation and maintenance of your irrigation system. Our team of agronomists, technicians on field and designers deliver the best control solutions and assistance on drip irrigation, subsurface and fertigation systems, in order to keep their efficiency as higher as possible, optimizing costs and increasing crop yields.

After sale consultancy and assistance

The Hydro Tech Ltd follows up its customers, also after the implementation of the irrigation system. Our team supervises the irrigation system to ensure its correct and efficient use and to provide assistance in case of malfunctioning.

The company is at customers' side 

  • To carry out maintenance plans in order to keep the perfect operation in time;
  • To recommend the best use of the designed irrigation, fertigation and pumping systems;
  • To train the workers charged of the system management, in step with the latest innovations in agronomy, considering the specific needs of each crop;
  • To develop a detailed maintenace plan, with the periodic treatments to carry on the irrigation system, to ensure its life span and good operation (for example: acid injection to clean driplines and prevent emitters' occlusion; technical training to manage the backflushing cycles of filtration systems, ensuring its best performances);
  • To resolve any anomaly or malfunction of the irrigation systems, thanks to our partnership with a network of highly skilled professionals and technicians, such as agromists, engineers etc...
  • To implement existing irrigation systems;
  • To provide automatic control of existing irrigation or filtration systems, by choosing adequate solutions case by case;
  • To order or change promptly single spare parts, wear parts, special fittings, pump membranes, filters, gaskets...