Irrigation systems for orchards

Implementation of fertigation systems for all kind of orchards and vineyards

Hydro Tech Ltd designs turn-key irrigation systems for orchards.

The first step to design a fertigation system is to make a preliminary survey on the feasibility of the irrigation system itself. 

We measure all environmental data and we evaluate the type of water supply, the soil physical characteristics and the orchard water requirements, in order to start the detailed design phase.

Professional irrigation systems need a boiler room with pumping and filtration systems depending on water nature.

The design and implementation of an control room allows the customer to have under its control the fruit-growing needs and to satisfy them, to control automatically the irrigation system and to apply fertilizers through the irrigation water. Hydro Tech Ltd is an avant-guard company supplying and implementing dosing control panels, composed by a pH regulating pump, fertilizer dosing pumps and electric panel.

Planned implementation of irrigation systems.