Subsurface irrigation systems

The most innovative, cost effective and environmental-friendly irrigation technique

We implement turn-key subsurface irrigation systems, with the best equipements and the most innovative solutions on market.

Subsurface irrigation also known as SDI (Subsurface-drip-irrigation) is an efficient micro drip irrigation method where driplines are buried underground. Water will circulate in pressure in subterranean pipes, then will exit from small hoses and finally will rise capillary and infiltrate in the topsoil, thus reaching plant roots.

since more than twenty years Hydro Tech Ltd implements subsurface irrigation systems, obtaining the best irrigation results for different crops and land extentions. Aware of the different crop and soil agronomic needs, Hydro Tech Ltd designed technological equipements, delivering increased productivity and bringing higher crop yields.

Subsurface irrigation represents the most innovative and advantageous system:

  • It allows skim ploughing;
  • It avoids loss of water due to avaporation;
  • Only the actual necessary water would be used, since it is distributed directly in proximity of plant root area, thus reducing water flow and dispersion;
  • It reduces water runoff on soil and consequent root asphyxiation;
  • Driplines are protected from damages due to both atmospheric events or fauna (birds and insects);
  • Bigger weed control on the topsoil, weed growth is drastically reduced;
  • It allows to deliver simultaneously water and nutrients directly in proximity of roots;
  • It allows a gradual nutrient delivery according the stage of growth of crops;
  • It influences directly and immediately crop development and yield;
  • Nutrients are used more rationally, since only the necessary quantity is delivered directly to roots;
  • It avoids chemical fertilizers drift in aerial spraying into environment.

Subsurface irrigation gained in time a huge application range, becoming the more and more the most innovative irrigation technique for all kind of crops, from open field plantations to protected cultivations. In Italy this type of irrigation is used for extensive farming, fodder crops, vineyards and biofuel crops, as maize, poplar plantation, sorghum and sugar cane crops.